Woodward Crossings Country Basics

~Living Simply~
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Woodward Crossings Country Basics Equipment, Seeders, Woodchippers, Cultivators, Plows

~Purveyors of Basic Country Supplies for Those Who Choose to Live Simply~

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Treasuring plain and basic living,  we aspire to provide products that are cost effective and uncomplicated, we are launching a product line that we have found beneficial to living simply.

Woodward Crossings Country Basics Farm Forestry and Garden Supplies

Our Country Basics Online Store touches the most basic needs of those
who love the country and choose to live simply!
Located in Scenic Penns Valley in Centre County, PA, we are home to a large settlement of Amish. 


From Field to Family!
Build Your Own 3 Pt. Hitch Toolbars and Atachments

Don't Let the Weeds Smother Your Dreams!

Explore our very own line up of "Build Your Own 3 Pt. Hitch and Attachments!"  One Hitch ~ Many Implements!  A time saver, a space saver! and better yet-- a money saver! 

Jang Seeders
The JP-1 Jang Seeder and TD-1 Jang Seeder has been such an asset to our produce farmers that we have chosen to offer this technologically advanced Hand Seeder to our Online Product Line.


We have also added the JP-3, the 3 Row Jang Seeder for the serious produce farmers.

Hoss Cultivators
Save Time & Energy with the Hoss Tool Garden Cultivator's 15” steel wheel! Smaller wheel than the competition?  You betcha! The 15" wheel provides greater stability and a lower center of gravity than the high wheel cultivators that are so unstable and wobbly.  Made in the USA! One of the gardener's best friends!

Cole Planters
have been the "Go To" Planters for many decades. You'll find these U.S. Made planters to be reliable work horses with a long history of satisfaction.  We offer them as well in our Online Store

~ Putting the "Fun" Functional ! ~

We provide food processing and prep products that are simple, economical and productive in your quest to enjoy the fruits of your harvest.

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Country Basics Online Store as our Country Offerings  continue to expand.

Our history has been and continues to be Sales, Parts and Service for Farm and Forestry Equipment.  Fulfilling our customers' agricultural and forestry needs has been a pleasure and most rewarding.  We have found that those who love the land also love simple, reasonably priced and functional goods--- so here goes our exploration!

We are excited about our new venture and trust that our customers will be equally delighted with our offerings.

Please check back often as we are continuing our quest for

products that are affordable,  practical and suitable for a simplistic lifestyle.

Woodward Crossings Country Basics
178 Jackson Hill Road
Aaronsburg, PA  16820